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Cant stop dancing with Wheelchairs

This is just an amazing video of ladies in wheelchairs dancing there hearts out. I love seeing people in wheelchairs like my self showing everyone that we can do anything that we set our minds too.


I Got LED Lights they Came With A Wheelchair

I am proud announce my new wheelchair. Unfortunately I was not able to get the lime green. I was thinking maybe to call it the USS night Phoenix what do you guys think? If you have a good name for a black wheelchair post it below. Hops you enjoy the video.


Please help!!! Getting a new wheelchair that needs a name.

So I have some exciting news to tell everyone. For the past 6 months i have been trying to get a wheelchair that would enable me to walk. Finally I am getting one. This chair is going to be awesome, but I need some help picking a name for it. All my wheelchairs in the past have had names like star ships have names. This chair is going to be extra special to me, as this will hopefully enable my life to change forever. This chair is going to be bright green and will look amazing. So please help me find a name that fits me and the chair. Leave your suggest below .


How to find the right web hosting company

Hello Readers,

I think there is misconception on how people find a hosting company. It’s not just a quick search and find the first result that google spits out or just go to the biggest web hosting company like (godaddy, hostgator, bluehost, or many more.).  Going to the big hosting companies dose not mean you are going to get the best web hosting or get the best support.  Sometimes its the other way around. Before you even consider what hosting company is going to power your awesome website, you need to find out what you need and how much you need. for example


Just another day in IT

This video has to be one of the best videos I have ever seen, Talking about what I and many other IT guys go through everyday. Agree?


What It’s Like To Be In A Wheelchair

ImbaHost is Absolutely Exceptional


I wanted to quickly write a review for a wonderful hosting company that deserves to be recognized, ImbaHost. I have been hosted by ImbaHost for a VPS server since November 2015, and in the time that I have been with them, they have been absolutely exceptional. Prior to joining ImbaHost, I was trying to find a place in Dallas, TX. I asked Marcus, a friend of mine, who I also used for hosting services, to recommend someone to me.


Mightweb Exceptional Review

Hello Readers

Below is a review I did awhile back and wanted to share it here on  my blog.


New Logo for RilexTech

So the past few days I have been asking you guys questions about color and logo change for my company Rilex Technologies and I have had some amazing feedback via messenger, email and on Facebook. I did another mock of the logo and want you guys compare one more time. The first one is a Orange and teal like I have used for tinkerhost and the other is the magenta and teal that you guys have already seen. Please comment below and please let me know witch one. Orange and teal or magenta and Teal.


Need some advise

Do you think magenta and teal look good together? I have had very good response from my brand with orange and teal and now I am thinking about changing my main business rilex technologies main color to this new color. Should i change my main color for rilextech to magenta and teal or just leave it as orange.